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Königliches Gericht

The royal district court and royal visits

1821 given the castle a new function: the royal district court zschopau is moved to the castle. Nevertheless, the Oberforstmeister continue to live in the West Wing, and when the Prince Regent Friedrich August spends three days at Schloss Wildeck on one of his long journeys through the country at the beginning of October 1832, his visit is not to the district court, but to the Oberforstmeister v. Manteuffel. The two were well known to each other. On September 18, 1838, the king again dined at the castle with Lord v. Manteuffel. This time he had also brought Queen Maria Leopoldina with him. Afterwards, His Majesty gave the honour to the local women's association - not in the castle, of course. Even when King Albert visited Zschopau on August 17, 1877, the castle is only part of its extensive sightseeing program, and perhaps not even the most important. His visit was also not devoted to the old walls as such, but to the royal offices in the castle: the Oberforstmeisterei and the court office. The court had also been rebuilt on several occasions. Did the king be shown the prison and the prison yard attached to the West Wing in 1852/53? Rather probably the newly built tract on the east wing in 1870, where the offices and the negotiating room were located. The festive breakfast with the king did not take place in the castle, but in the "Hotel Stadt Wien" - that's what the old inn called "Zum Weiß Rößgen". By now, something better had become.