MotorradTRäume - motorcycle exhibition

The motorcycle exhibition in our castle impressively shows the founding of the DKW plant by the Danish Jørgen Skafte Rasmussen at the beginning of the 20th century.
With his entrepreneurial foresight and resourceful fellow campaigner, he managed to make the two-stroke engine "marketable" and to bring a large number of motorcycle models onto the market. Thus, shortly after its foundation, the company temporarily developed into the world's largest motorcycle factory.

We are currently showing 58 motorcycles from eight decades, everyday things of a DKW worker and parts of the Zschopau DKW contract workshop.
Also worth seeing is the "DKW Collection Rasmussen", a generous gift from the grandson of the company founder, which shows rare models from the early days of motorcycle construction and personal items from the founder of the DKW brand.
The MZ product range takes up a lot of space. Many of the well-known series motorcycles can be seen, but also original machines that have been successful in racing and off-road sport for decades.

A special feature is a video wall on which visitors can select many films about the history of DKW, MZ and Zschopau and immerse themselves in the fantastic world of motorcycles.