Historic Show Workshops

Historic show workshops are housed in the former horse stables in the west wing of the castle.

In the coin workshop there are tools such as drafting, punching and screw presses, on which the work steps for creating a medal made of fine tin are explained. The metal is poured, rolled and punched into blanks, then it is embossed using a 5 t screw press.
Every Monday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., the Numismatic Society Zschopau e.V. can be seen "minting" in the workshop. Members also receive a free assessment of coins and medals.

The technology in the Book Printing Museum is on permanent loan from the former local printer Manfred Schöne, who worked with these still functional machines until 1992. Johannes Gutenberg's letterpress printing, working on a lead setting machine and setting using an angle hook in front of the type case are documented. Four-color printing with the Grafopress is an interesting printing technique from the 1960s.

In another room there is a bookbinding and stamp making museum.